Magazine Cover Page Designing

A Book / Magazine cover page design these days has to fulfill so many requirements that it really cannot be a typography masterpiece. It cannot be a masterful painting. It cannot be a killer illustration but rather it must use the best of all of these elements

There are specific points to a cover which seem to attract the most attention. The title, size and clarity of the text, the colors, and the size of the book are amongst the top four.

A further reason is that a professional book / magazine cover page will tell the purchaser in seconds what the book contains and what they will be reading about, without a high quality cover people may get confused about what the book / magazine is about.

One of the most important rules in graphic design is to organize the visual elements in such a way that the overall message of the cover is communicated clearly, quickly and efficiently to the reader. This is what our professional book cover / magazine cover page designers master on.

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