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  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing Services (RPO)

    Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) companies in India have gained favor among Human Resource Management, to reduce overhead costs from their budgets, and improve the company's competitive advantage in the labor market.

    With a much more flexible and consultative approach, Recruitment Process Outsourcing firm providers are increasing their ability to implement changes with much less disruption to client's systems and processes, reducing risk whilst maintaining the values of an implementation.

    We Trust that a truly successful the RPO relationship is a partnership, wherein all of a company's key stakeholders need to be aligned and work together to accomplish the organization's recruitment goals.

    Our dedicated recruitment teams who proactive and passionate talent experts they are committed to finding the talent you need. Who entrench within your internal team and are acquainted by the industry's most advanced, integrated technology platforms, who become you. We work as one unit to instill necessary change and strengthen your strategic advantage for a successful Recruitment Process Outsourcing Company.

    Our Recruitment Process Outsourcing services includes but not limited to process of a company's recruitment functions, like job postings, sourcing, screening, interview scheduling and logistics, offer execution, system compliance, and HRIS (human resources information systems) data entry.

    Advantages of RPO
    • Quality and Speed of Delivery
    • Experienced professional recruiters
    • Consistent Tracking and Compliance.
    • Build Employment Brand with dedicated resources for the Process.
    • Quick turnaround time
    • Availability of large pool of candidates.
    • Regular status reporting
    • Prior check on candidate Quality and Skill.
    • 24x7 support team
    • Lowered hiring costs
    • Shorter hiring cycle
    Typical Recruitment Outsourcing Process
    • Build all client required control points into operational SOPs
    • Execute on paper/online process as required
    • Requisition development with hiring management
    • Identification and implementation of sourcing strategy
    • Employment brand development consulting and program management
    • Advertisement strategy development
    • Screening
    • Interview scheduling
    • Requisition management
    • Staffing operations reporting and metrics
    • Workforce planning support
    • Background check
    • Applicant tracking
    • Employee on-boarding

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