Finance for Non Finance Managers

The subject of finance is often viewed as difficult and mystifying especially to those managers who have not studied anything on accounts during their schooling. Why it is Important to understand Finance It is imperative to understand the subject of finance if managers are to communicate with authority within a business.

Managers today need to be more commercially aware more so than ever before as there is a thin line drawn on the functions of various departments and there is exchange of data / information between finance and non-finance departments. Even if they do not have to manage budgets or finances themselves as part of their role they still need to understand about the financials of a company.

Finance for Non Financial Managers helps to Impact your financial decisions and learn how to affect the performance of your business profitability and of your organization.

Knowledge of financial aspects that help in decision making is the key to the success of any organisation. It is important for a senior professional to be equipped with financial decision-making tools and to be able to analyze financial statements, understand the nature of cost and ways to optimally utililze the money, take decisions on pricing, decide on the best product product mix and to optimize the financial the need of the organization.

The program Finance for Non-Finance managers is aimed to provide awareness and understanding of the ways that finance affects the business objectives. It gives valuable insight on important financial areas that are extremely relevant for decision making in business.

Specific topics in finance for non-finance include but not limited to; financial analysis; planning, forecasting, and budgeting; cash flow and strategic financing etc.,


Financial Analyst, Financial Data Analysis, Financial Strategy, Corporate Finance, FInancial Reporting

Program Highlights


30 Hours ( 20 Hrs Classroom | 10 Hrs Practice )
Weekends / Weekdays 2 Hrs per day


Candidates will be provided with Industry accepted Certificate on completion of Course


Experienced Faculty with Domain specific track record of training


Job assistance for candidates who successfully complete the course with good track record


Any Graduate / Post Graduate students /
working Executives


Reasonable Fee and special concessions for students / Group Registrations for Corporates

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