Social Media Recruitment and Employer Branding

Social media and recruiting is top of mind for many Recruiters and HR Managers recruiting through social media is one of the hottest and most discussed recruitment methods in the industry today. Recruiters have widely adopted social technology for their purposes of fulfilling recruitment needs. as the process of building connections comes naturally.

In Social Media Recruitment the recruiters engage with employees through social media to the resources for the job openings

The job openings posted on Social media not only helps in getting the required talent but also does the role of employer branding.

Many employers have social media sharing links to Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Google+ etc., though which there is an engagement build between potential candidates and their connections.

Social media recruitment and employer branding has now reached a stage where social recruiting isn’t just a novelty - it’s a must-have for any successful recruiting strategy.

The demand for Recruiters which knowledge of social media recruitment is also on a rise.


Social Media Recruitment, Employer Branding, Social Media Analyst, Online Recruitment

Program Highlights


20 Hours ( 10 Hrs Classroom | 10 Hrs Practice )
Weekends / Weekdays 2 Hrs per day


Candidates will be provided with Industry accepted Certificate on completion of Course


Experienced Faculty with Domain specific track record of training


Job assistance for candidates who successfully complete the course with good track record


Any Graduate / Post Graduate students /
working Executives


Reasonable Fee and special concessions for students / Group Registrations for Corporates

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Dec. 2018
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